Help deliver an end to food insecurity.

The Food Bank of your choice and VAFS are making it easy for your organization to take a big bite out of daily food insecurity right here in your community.

By purchasing a truckload of shelf-stable food, you can feed local families for a whole week. This is a tangible giving opportunity to rewrite the future for families in need.

Back it up. Pay it forward.

In partnership with The Food Bank of your choice, VAFS will deliver a truckload of shelf-stable family food boxes to The Food Bank of your choice. We can help recognize your generosity by placing your logo and message on each box, or you can fly under the radar… it’s totally up to you. The important part is that you can make a huge impact on a local level, and that help is needed more than ever.

This is a tangible donation that produces immediate results everyone in your organization can feel good about. The important thing is that you’re helping put the brakes on hunger with every truckload you sponsor. Sign up today, and kick hunger to the curb.

For each truckload, VAFS partners with The Food Bank of your choice to provide you:

  • Opportunity for your logo integration on every box
  • Marketing and organizational materials for inner box, providing your messaging to the receiving families.
  • Market-specific distribution to ensure product is received in your preferred region/area/community
  • Food and material acquisition and assembly for all components of the food boxes
  • Food Bank partnership to ensure seamless “last mile” distribution
  • All needed tax and financial paperwork/documentation to simplify your corporate giving and reconciliation


For information and to get started, contact:

Billie Redder

Director of Box Build Program

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